Welcome to Seaford Community Garden

Today Seaford Community Garden is a delightful working garden and is as much about community as it is about garden. So don’t be surprised if the morning tea break covers such affairs as what else is going on the town, who has achieved a success and who may need a little help, as well as what we are going to plant in the garden, by whom and when. For the joy of a community garden like this one is that lively company makes even weeding fun.

It began life as an abandoned tree nursery at the Crouch in 2007 and since then, volunteers have worked steadily and the site has evolved gently to become the thriving garden it is today. So don’t necessarily expect to see tomorrow what you see today – currently a mix of vegetables, fruit trees, soft fruit, Mediterranean, herbaceous and dry gardens, with plants grown organically using our own compost, a wildlife pond, a big poly tunnel and a classroom; what works is kept and enhanced and as for what doesn’t – well. We are not averse to a bit of experimentation – well, at least we tried. What will never change is the interest we take in our community and our volunteers.

Sales table groaning under the weight of new plants