It was in 2007 that landscape gardener Lindsay Thomas, along with Wendy Simmons, saw the potential in some derelict land lying behind the Peace Garden in the Crouch Gardens. They could see that the tall telephone exchange building next door, and high walls and fences secluding it from the public gardens, would provide shelter and the ideal environment for plants and produce to thrive. So they persuaded the town council to let them take it over.
They envisaged a community garden with children’s area where volunteers would work together tilling the soil, sowing seeds, taking cuttings, growing plants and vegetables and selling the produce to provide a working profit that would perpetuate the cycle. The volunteers would welcome everybody, inclusive of impairment, and would strive to make the garden accessible to all. That that dream came true is seen in the numbers and diversity of the people who work in the garden on Wednesday mornings throughout the year and on Saturday mornings too in the harvest season, from students to wheelchair users, from those with learning difficulties to retired people with and without horticultural experience.
For its first six years it was known as the Exchange Garden, changing its name to Seaford Community Garden in 2013 in recognition of the realisation of its community ideals. At its fifth birthday party in 2012 visitors walked on wheelchair-friendly paving laid in preparation for a classroom building, and the following autumn local MP Norman Baker officially opened the Keith Baker (no relation) classroom following a generous grant from the trust set up in his name.

An aerial view of the plot where Seaford Community Garden now stands

The Artistic Impression for the Design of Seaford Community Garden or as it was then called "the Exchange Project"

22 February 2012
Moving the play area

11 July 2012
Volunteers build a sand pit in the children's play area

8 August 2012
Preparing for paving,

13 October 2012
Lindsay and Wendy cut the fifth birthday cake

20 March 2013
Improving the entrance

The Big Classroom Build
Site is cleared for erection of classroom

The Big Classroom Build
Foundations are laid for the classroom

The The Big Classroom Build
classroom had to be built from scratch

The The Big Classroom Build
walls are up

The Big Classroom Build
What a difference a roof makes

Now The Big Classroom Build
it just needs a coat of paint

And The Big Classroom Build
it is ready for opening by MP Norman Baker.
Also pictured is former Mayor Anthony White