Today Seaford Community Garden is a delightful working garden run by volunteers. It is tucked away within the Crouch Gardens, and behind the Peace Garden. The garden is as much about community as it is about garden.
With the start of the New Year we are setting ourselves a few targets to make some improvements in the garden. During the wet and cold days of winter we have all been safely seated in the Classroom planning and pooling ideas over a cuppa. We are at present putting together a program of small to medium sized projects. But one of the main ones will be to improve the present watering system with soaker hoses. Alongside this we have had a suggestion to create a green roof too.

Is there anyone who has already grown a green roof who would be willing to give us some advice please?

So don’t be surprised if at the morning tea break our chatter covers such affairs as events in the town, who has achieved a success, as well as what we are going to plant in the garden. For the joy of a community garden like this one is that lively company makes even weeding fun.

If you would like to be involved or just curious, please come along and say hello....

Soaker Hoses