Plant of the Month - February 2018

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The Daphne

Daphne plants make the ideal impact shrub for the garden and will act as a focal point around which you can design your garden. They flower during the winter months, and will add much needed colour. The bonus is the lovely sweet scent which is hard to ignore. The Daphne shrub produces beautiful oval shaped leaves, either glossy green or variegated. The pink flowers appear from pink buds and some varieties even have berries. Because of this are they are best planted near doorways or paths or at the front of borders where they’re heady fragrance can be enjoyed.

Choose a plant that will grow to fit your situation, as Daphne dislike being transplanted neither do they respond well to pruning, as a consequence will often suffer die-back. Damaged, diseased or wayward growth can be removed easily in early spring or immediately after flowering. Otherwise, restrict pruning to light trimming within the area of healthy leaf growth.

Courtesy of RHS and Thompson –Morgan Websites

The Daphne

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