Well we have increased our stock of plants for sale and right now and just ready for planting we have Broom bushes, Pieris, clematis, white Japanese anemone, (those big anemones that waft in the wind),....aubretia lovely for rockeries or walls, dicentra, rannunculus, lupins (for the mixed border), mixed herbs, pulsatilla, papaver, gallardia, ferns, ceanothus, and several mixed alpines that have been planted in the garden.

In response to many requests and after much consideration (well a quick think really), we also have a supply of tomato plants ready for sale too – several varieties including Alicante, Harbinger, red Cherry and others just waiting for you to come a buy some Plus all our usual plants and shrubs. Phew I thinks thats it ..

Do you remember the Giant Echium Spikes flowering in the corner of the garden growing to approx 10ft tall, last year? Many regulars and visitors alike asked us to collect the seedling and grow on the plantlets. Good news .... we did and they are now ready for sale so come on in!

Giant Echium Spikes
Giant Echium Spikes 2016

Giant Echium Spikes
Echium plants over wintered in the cold frame and ready for sale