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Seaford in Bloom Blossoms! 
Seaford in Bloom has blossomed with beautiful floral displays in and around the town centre for the summer months.

Originally stemming from the hard work of the Seaford in Bloom voluntary group in 1992, the scheme is now in its 24th year and year on year attracts such compliments from those visiting the town centre.

Seaford Town Council took over the scheme in 2014 and felt it was an important part of the scenery in the town centre to be maintained.

The Council is looking at options for further floral displays, planters and beds across the town but in order to fund these would need the sponsorship of local businesses and/or individuals.

Special thanks go to Europlants Ltd. for once again supplying and planting the stunning displays, ranging from the hanging baskets and fountain planters in Broad Street, to the arrangements in Church Street and the boat on Station Approach.

If you would like to assist by sponsoring with further displays please contact Emily Piper on 01323 894870 or email

The above is from a press release from Seaford Town Council and using this base as a start, the original Seaford in Bloom web-site
(that was in use from 2003 to the disbanding of the association in 2014) will be updated by inputs from Seaford Town Council

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