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The Shoal

An exciting project fo seating on the jetty at Splash Point

Added 5 March 2017
as part of the plans for thr
Seafront Development Plan

Crying for My Town

A film by Chris Conil
With Peter White - Seaford Town Crier

Added Christmas 2015
23 minutes

Stormy Seas at Seaford

5th February 2014

By John Bond
9.5 minutes

 Seaford Life Guards

New Year Dip - 4th January 2009

© Conil Productions 2007

Years Between  -  A Seaford Story

A charming little video story set in Seaford by Christopher Conil 
A light hearted journey from Coastal Cottages through Seaford Town. Patrick in his 1935 Austin 10 visits old haunts in the hope of finding his long lost love.
Old 8mm film inserts bring a nostalgic feel to the video of days gone by.

The Song 'Years Between' compliments the story as the climax builds to a storm, we fade to calm. 

Pleaseemail your comments, thank you for watching  - Chris Conil.

Our Bus

Cuckmere Community Bus
Another video story by Chris Conil

The Cuckmere Community Bus serves as a vital link
between Seaford and surrounding villages.
Please email your comments, thank you for watching  - Chris Conil.

Seaford Station

Then and Now
A short clip from a DVD of Seaford Museum by John Bond

This starts with a sequence from the model in the museum
leading to a train of today.

Video clips
About the Seaford 150
Railway Celebration
A sample of the Seaford Museum DVD by John Bond

2 YouTube videos by Chris Conil
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Seaford Christmas Magic 2015 by Chris Coni

The Seafront "Our Vision" 2012

Why Seaford?

Seaford Head Meteor Strike ( After Effects )

Olympic Torch comes to Eastbourne  (Seaford not included)

Cormorant@Newhaven Harbour
Christian Funnell is launching his new art installation, replacing his 12 year old work at West Quay, Newhaven.

The Forgotten Village of Tide Mills